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If you or a loved one were in a car accident, you know how quickly the consequences of your crash can pile up. Medical bills, missed work and dealing with insurance companies all start to take a toll. One of the most important things to understand is how health insurance works and whether it covers your auto accident injury expenses.

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) versus health insurance can be confusing. You might have both and wonder which you’ll use when visiting a doctor. A car accident doctor can help you understand how to proceed with health insurance after a crash. At Swann Medical, our team helps auto accident victims every day. Most importantly, you should never let fear of medical expenses prevent you from receiving the critical care you need.

What is PIP Insurance?

PIP stands for ‘personal injury protection.’ Because Florida is a no-fault state, drivers must carry PIP insurance. One good thing about PIP is that you can use it for your medical expenses even before fault is established in the crash.

In Florida, vehicle owners must have at least $10,000 PIP coverage through their auto insurance policy. The state requires this coverage to protect drivers. With PIP coverage, auto accident injury victims can avoid certain issues like payout delays. After an auto accident, seeing a doctor right away is essential, so being able to use PIP immediately is ideal.

PIP Insurance VS Health Insurance

If you think PIP and health insurance sound like the same thing, you’re not alone. The difference can be confusing, so it’s crucial to have a doctor who can help. The Swann Medical team deals with PIP insurance daily, so we can guide you through the process while explaining the distinctions.

PIP differs from health insurance in the following ways:

  • Health insurance does not cover lost wages
  • Many health insurance plans require an up-front deductible
  • PIP usually has no deductible or may have multiple deductible options
  • PIP covers passengers who do not have their own policy
  • PIP requires a doctor visit within 14 days of your auto accident

The main benefit of PIP is that you can access it immediately after your accident. By design, PIP exists to help people in emergencies. It helps auto accident victims get medical diagnosis and treatment right away. 

A Florida Car Accident Chiropractor Can Help

If you have car crash injuries, you should see an auto accident doctor right away. At Swann Medical, our award-winning auto accident chiropractors, doctors, nurses and therapists work together to provide comprehensive care for various conditions. Further, we are familiar with billing PIP insurance and can help you understand the process.

We treat all kinds of auto accident injuries, including back injuries, neck injuries, whiplash injuries and more. If you have questions about how PIP can help with medical treatment and expenses, contact us today to discuss your options.

Our services include:

We treat injuries ranging from mild to severe, with varying levels of complexity. Our goal is to make high-quality accident injury care accessible for anyone who needs it. We offer walk-ins, same-day appointments, and transportation to and from our offices. Call us today if you were injured in a car accident. Our medical professionals are ready to help!