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Chiropractic Care for Veterans

Chiropractic Care for Veterans in Florida

When you visit Swann Medical, you will receive personal, compassionate care focused on your unique needs. As a physician-run business with four chiropractic locations across the state, founded right here in Florida, we are committed to providing customized treatment plans tailored just for you.

What sets us apart is our mission – to transform lives through professional, trustworthy chiropractic care and integrative therapies. We honor those who have served by crafting individualized pain relief and rehabilitation programs using gentle, proven techniques. You can ask for us by name, your VA Optum will call us and preauthorize your visits at NO COST to you! 

Leveraging our experience within Veterans Affairs networks, we have become uniquely attuned to injuries faced in duty and skilled at pinpointing their underlying causes. Our thorough, high-tech assessments bring targeted relief – everything from spinal adjustments, joint manipulation, soft tissue work, to strength and mobility training. By addressing inflammation and restoring better mobility, we empower veterans – lightening the heavy load long endured during service to our country. This allows veterans to regain their active lifestyles, enjoying life to the fullest. We consider it a privilege to give back.

Do You Suffer from Chronic Pain Sustained While Serving?

According to the U.S. Veterans Affair Department  Florida is the most veteran-friendly state in the nation, with 1.5 million veterans. The physical demands while serving, traumatic injuries sustained, and mental stress can lead to long-term health issues. Getting adequate care through Veterans Affairs facilities poses additional challenges. We understand these difficulties and have specialized in chiropractic care crafted for Veterans.

Veterans Rehabilitation Services Can Offer a Better Life

Our customized rehabilitation programs help Veterans regain mobility, strength, flexibility that may have been lost due to injury. This allows them to better manage pain and restore physical wellness. Rehab plans to improve balance, coordination, and overall body function allows veterans to regain activity levels for their work and home life. We create customized plans understanding Veterans injuries to facilitate an improved quality of life. We also offer support navigating VA benefits, referrals, and claims.

As a trusted chiropractic provider, our mission is to deliver expert and truthful care for your injuries.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to address chronic pain or other health issues related to your military service. Our team is ready to help you on the path towards healing.


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