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Injured in an Auto Accident ?

No Fault PIP Tampa Florida Auto Accident Doctors

Unfortunately, many accident victims, especially at-fault drivers, never seek treatment from Tampa Florida auto accident doctors because they are unsure if their insurance will cover their medical injury treatments. The good news is you don’t need health insurance. If you have been involved in a car accident in the state of Florida, your medical bills are covered. That’s right, your auto injury chiropractor bills are covered, even it you were at fault.

Auto Accident Chiropractic: Healing From the Injuries After Car Crashes

At Swann Medical in Tampa, our chiropractic team specializes in providing effective, drug-free treatment for injuries sustained in car accidents. From whiplash and neck pain to back issues and headaches, we use advanced chiropractic techniques like spinal adjustments, massage therapy, and rehabilitative exercises to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and restore optimal mobility and function. Our natural, non-surgical approach supports the body’s self-healing abilities after the trauma of an auto collision. Let our experienced doctors create a personalized treatment plan to get you back to feeling your best.

What makes our Tampa Florida auto accident doctors different?

Our experienced Tampa Florida auto accident doctors at Swann Medical are ready to help after your wreck, you know you’re seeing someone who understands how to diagnose and treat injuries that arise after the accident. A general physician may not know where to look for clues that can indicate serious injuries to the spine, legs, shoulders, or neck. These injuries may not show up right away but can become debilitating.

While chiropractic care is a common profession sought to relieve back pain, many people do not understand the full potential of this medical service and the benefits that can result from visiting an injury chiropractic clinic.

By combining chiropractic care with physical therapy and traditional medicine techniques, our chiropractic services team at Swann Car Accident Urgent Care in Tampa deliver highly-effective, drug-free pain relief in a truly natural and holistic manner. Find out more about our innovative approach to health care by scheduling your consultation today.

Auto Accident Injury

Have you been injured in an auto accident?

  • Auto Insurance Accepted
  • Attorney Referral Accepted
  • We Can Provide an Attorney for you

As a trusted chiropractic provider, our mission is to deliver expert and truthful care for your injuries.

When it comes to your spinal health, we know only the finest of injury chiropractic services will do. That’s why we only hire the best! Our clinics have the most experienced Tampa Florida Auto Accident Doctors medical expertschiropractorsmassage therapists, and Physiotherapy professionals.

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