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At Swann Medical, our experienced staff is ready to help you live a healthy life without pain. With our chiropractic care you can gain control of your back pain and overall health. Our services include in-depth spinal diagnosis, basic chiropractic care, nonsurgical treatment, physiotherapy and auto injury rehabilitation, spinal decompression, massage therapy, and more. With our extensive tools and knowledge we are able to relieve your pain and cure dozens of ailments.

Auto Injury? See a Doctor in 14 days!

Medical treatment following an auto accident WILL BE paid for even if you were at fault. Unfortunately, many accident victims, especially at-fault drivers, never seek treatment from an auto injury chiropractor because they are unsure if their insurance will cover their medical injury treatments. The good news is you don’t need health insurance. If you have been involved in a car accident in the state of Florida, your medical bills are covered. That’s right, your auto injury chiropractor bills are covered, even it you were at fault. Auto-accident victims get results that last with our experienced professionals. Auto accident victims may not experience very many symptoms initially following a collision but may suffer from a variety of delayed symptoms including pain, muscle stiffness/spasms or radiating symptoms. Pain from car accidents often takes days and sometimes weeks to appear.
It is very important to receive prompt treatment following an auto accident.

How do I get PIP insurance coverage after my car accident?

To be covered by PIP you must get a physical examination for the injury received in an automobile accident within 14 days of the accident by a physician, osteopathic physician, dentist, supervised physician assistant or nurse practitioner. The maximum amount of coverage your are eligible to receive is $10,000 for an emergency condition. The law provides for up to $2,500 in coverage, including diagnostics, for non-emergency conditions resulting from an automobile accident. An ER visit does not automatically make your injury an Emergency Medical Condition.

Our auto accident doctors are trained to assess if your injuries are severe enough to make you eligible for $10,000 PIP coverage. If eligible, we will do all the documentation for you to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Contact us TODAY!

Why Choose Us?

In the medical industry, it’s rare to see a medical doctor, a chiropractor, and a physical therapist working side by side. Unlike other practices, at Swann Medical, it is the norm to see our nurses, therapists, doctors and chiropractors all working together. Our standard is to provide our patients with the care that they both need and deserve. Through a combination of comprehensive treatments & procedures, our goal is to give you the best attention possible to increase your chances of long-term pain relief.


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Our team of chiropractors, medical doctors, and massage therapists we are confident that we can give a thorough and complete diagnosis.


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Florida Resident?

If you are a Florida resident and have recently been injured in an automotive accident, you may also be eligible for full medical coverage at this time.

Our Services

While it is true that our facility specializes in relieving back pain, many people do not realize the extent of symptoms that chiropractic care can alleviate. It is possible to treat a diverse array of symptoms from head to toe, including common muscle strain, chronic pain, and auto injury.

Auto Injury

Medical treatment following an auto accident WILL BE paid for even if you were at fault. Accident victims, seldom seek treatment from an auto injury chiropractor because they are unsure if their insurance will cover their medical injury treatments.

Chiropractor Help

At the core of chiropractic teachings is the belief that because the spine houses and protects the nervous system, its optimal health and functionality is imperative to the health of all other body parts, organs and their functions.

Massage Therapy

Sometimes the best treatment for your chronic back pain is massage therapy. Massage therapy can provide patients with instant pain relief, reduced tension, relieve pinched nerves, increase joint and spinal mobility, and a number of other benefits.

Medical Services

As part of our comprehensive chiropractic diagnosis and treatment, we may also perform medical services to best determine how to relieve your chronic pain.


To ensure a thorough diagnosis for a patient’s pain, we focus on identifying and treating the source of your ailments and not just the symptoms.

Spinal Decompression

We offer a variety of services that are combined to cover your medical diagnosis, chiropractic diagnosis, physical therapy, and massage therapy care

We take ALL major insurance plans,
Medicare, Workers Compensation, motor vehicle accident claims and personal injury.

Symptoms and Solutions

We specialize in all of these condtions and are experts in restoring you to a healthy life.

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Back Pain

Those who suffer from chronic or recurring back pain know how life-changing it can be. More than just an irritating annoyance, back pain can change the quality of one’s life by limiting physical function and lifestyle choices.

Offering comprehensive, long-term relief from back pain, our integrative medicine team strives to restore our patients’ back and spine health through both natural and medicinal back injury treatments. With a full-time chiropractor, medical doctor and physical therapist on staff, we approach your back pain problems from all aspects of health care. Working together to relieve your pain and rehabilitate the issues that cause it, our team of healthcare professionals provide all-encompassing back injury treatments that are meant to reduce the use of painkilling drugs and avoid invasive surgery.

Recurring back pain can be caused by a variety of problems, from pinched nerves or car accidents, bad posture, arthritis or other chronic illness, to simply the wrong choice of mattress or pillow. Regardless of the cause, we can help restore full functionality through chiropractic treatments and physical therapy and possible drug therapy if applicable. By approaching the underlying problems that lie within your spine, our back injury treatments eliminate back pain in the most natural and holistic ways.

Contact Us For Back Injury Treatment Today!

Discover what a pain-free life can offer by scheduling a comprehensive physical and consultation with our health care staff today. We look forward to helping you begin your path to optimal wellness. Contact us today.

Disc Injury

As a leading cause of recurring and chronic back pain, disc injury can debilitate those who suffer from it, limiting their ability to remain active and negatively affecting their quality of life. Because so many conflicting and confusing terms exist regarding disc injury, sufferers also face the frustration of incomplete and erroneous diagnoses, which can also lead to ineffective and misplaced treatment. Our medical chiropractic office is dedicated to educating the people of Tampa about disc injury and effective back injury treatments. Keep reading to learn more about what may be the source of your discomfort!

What Causes Disc Injury?

Spinal discs are those shock-absorbing cushions that are found above and below each vertebrae, providing pliant “give” where the spine needs it most. Continuous stress or trauma can cause discs to move, swell and degenerate, causing lower back pain, radiating leg pain and numbness and weakness in the extremities.

Interchanging the terms to describe the disorder, doctors have often confused patients by describing the problem as a pinched nerve, slipped disc, herniated disc, bulging disc and degenerated disc. The issue is that professionals often disagree on the exact definition of any of these terms, creating confusion and frustration for their patients.

Back Injury Treatments For Disc Pain

Regardless of the terms used, we approach the problem of disc injury with a comprehensive exam and diagnosis before we ever begin treating the issue. The challenges of spinal disc injuries create a need for an all-encompassing back treatment plan that is conservative in nature in order to avoid invasive surgery. By providing highly-effective chiropractic treatments and coupling them with routine physical therapy measures, our team at Swann Medical team has been able to provide long-term pain relief to hundreds of our valued patients.

Find out how integrative therapies can help you live a life free of nagging pain by scheduling your personal consultation with our healthcare team today.

Headaches and Migraines

Regardless of the cause, recurring headaches and migraines can be debilitating if left unchecked and unmanaged. Though many sufferers often get to a point of simply accepting the consistent return of their symptoms, we strive to promote the idea that a life free of painful headaches is possible. Did you know that headaches and migraines can be caused by a pinched nerve in your spine, and that your chiropractor in Tampa may be able to provide you with some relief? Keep reading to learn more.

Chiropractors Locate And Relieve Pinched Spinal Nerves

By integrating medicinal approaches with chiropractic care and physical therapy, we focus on the causes of migraines and intense recurring headaches, instead of simply treating the symptoms. Our team tackles the physical challenges of migraines with a systematic plan to reduce their recurrence, duration and intensity of each; working to finally eliminate them altogether.

Stop suffering from the pain, nausea and other symptoms that migraines and chronic headaches can cause. We want to help you discover how liberating a pain-free life can be and invite you to begin the process by scheduling your first appointment with us today. Our Tampa chiropractors look forward to helping you begin your path to optimal wellness.

Neck Pain

With the neck being in such a vulnerable, yet essential position, neck pain is almost an inevitable part of growing older. With so many forces affecting the health and functionality of your neck, wear, tear and long-term damage are existent in most adults. Even those who feel no recurrent or bothersome neck pain are likely to show some degeneration in the neck area of their spine. Over time, arthritis, disc degeneration and pinched nerves in the spine can all cause neck pain to increase, in both intensity and duration.

By first restoring the correct alignment of the neck and its structure, we strive to eliminate neck pain through both medical chiropractic and therapeutic measures. At Swann Medical, we start the treatment of neck pain with a thorough diagnostic exam, designed to pinpoint the exact cause of spinal injury. From those results, we can develop a treatment plan that is intended to not only relieve pain but to restore the full functionality of your neck and spine, in order to avoid future neck and back problems.

We Can Eliminate Pinched Nerves In The Spine

Treating each patient with individualized attention and customized treatments, our chiropractors, physical therapists and medical doctors work together to create an integrative healthcare treatment plan that addresses your specific spinal injury problem with intention and purpose.

Find out how liberating a life free of neck pain can be by starting your path to wellness with the professionals at Swann Medical. Schedule your next appointment with us by calling our patient care team today.


Sciatica symptoms are quite different from other sources of lower back pain, making them not only easily recognizable, but fairly easily treatable. Though untreated sciatica can be troubling and fairly painful, routine spinal health care from a chiropractic physician can quickly reduce pain and complete eliminate other symptoms.

Combining the treatment modalities of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and medicinal aide as needed, the Swann Medical team provides all-encompassing health care that alleviates the radiating pain, loss of mobility and muscle weakness associated with sciatica. Because sciatica is most often caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve in the lower back, we place our attention on relieving that pressure. Your customized spinal health treatment plan will be focused on improving the health of your spine in order to more fully relieve you of chronic pain.

Our Unique Approach To Spinal Injuries

Our unique approach to integrative health care is designed to treat the underlying cause of any musculoskeletal disorder, ensuring long-term optimal health and wellness. Only after a complete physical and diagnosis do we begin to design a unique plan of attack that is customized to your specific needs. No two patients are the same, so we never clone your treatment plan, rather our chiropractic physicians deliver healthcare that is focused on your unique situation.

Find out how our patient-focused, integrative approach to wellness can help you change the way you view your daily life. We can help you start your path to a pain-free life today. Please call for a spinal health consultation today.

Shoulder Pain

As we age, recurring pain in our knees, shoulders and other joints are common but not inevitable. With proper care, exercise, nutritional supplements and adjustments, we can actually reverse the spinal injuries  that cause joint pain in even our most often-used joints, such as our shoulders and knees.

Spinal Injuries Could Be The Source Of Your Shoulder Pain!

It may come as a surprise to many, that pain in the extremities often stem from underlying problems within the spine itself. Because affected spine health can actually disrupt nerve signals to the extremities, it can have detrimental effect on the structure and mobility of joints throughout the body. By first approaching and optimizing the health of the spine through chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, we can alleviate much of the pain experienced in patients’ ankles, knees, elbows and shoulders.

When optimal function has been reached within the spine itself, we can then turn our attention towards physical therapy for the joint health itself. If further care is required, we create a personalized treatment plan that addresses the structural issues within the joint, fundamentally improving its functionality and mobility. Our integrative approach of utilizing the modalities of chiropractic, physical therapy and traditional medicine, facilitates our patients’ ability of living pain free, regardless of age.

Find out more by scheduling a personal exam and physical therapy consultation at Swann Medical today. We look forward to using medical chiropractic methods to help you move past the pain and, once again, enjoy the lifestyle and activities you once loved.

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