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Florida Medical Physiotherapy

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps to restore function lost from injury and disease including:

  • car accident victims or other serious trauma
  • individuals with disabling conditions
  • all types of arthritis
  • mobility lost from bone fractures and other similar injury
  • severe head and neck injuries
  • cerebral palsy
  • spinal cord injury
  • and more

How Physiotherapy Works

Chiropractic Physiotherapy uses movement through exercise routines, strength training, flexibility training, balance exercises, coordination exercises, and muscle endurance to repair injured areas.

The treatments programs at Swann Medical are individually designed to provide optimal care and healing for each patient. Each Physiotherapy session will take about one hour where more frequent visits will help you notice faster improvement. The more a patient is committed to their treatment plan, the more successful our Physiotherapy sessions will be.

For your appointment, it is best to wear comfortable clothing, like athletic apparel, that doesn’t restrict your movement or could potentially inhibit movement because of overly loose fabrics.

Types of Physiotherapy We Offer

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is when a small electrical current is sent into the soft tissue of an injury to reduce swelling and release trigger points. This small amount of electricity enables your body to produce endorphins which are your body’s natural pain relievers. This treatment works best to help muscle strain for short and effective sessions that will ultimately facilitate healing for patients’ acute and chronic pain.

Interferential Electrotherapy is not unlike electrical muscle stimulation, this type of electrical therapy also helps treat soft tissue injury. However, this particular treatment uses a lower frequency of electricity that is placed on top of the problem areas. The muscle tension is released by the stimulation of the body’s endorphins.

Ultrasound is often used in diagnostic treatment, it can also be used therapeutically. The small sound waves can be used to send vibrations that massage the affected soft tissues. With the combined heat and vibrations of the ultrasound waves, the cellular healing process is stimulated.

In addition to the above Physiotherapy techniques, we will also use therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and other therapeutic activities as needed to help promote healing. Our physical therapists are ready to help you manage your acute and chronic pain.

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a complex study of the body’s joints, including the spinal column. When these joints are out of alignment, they can cause a myriad of other disorders. To ensure a thorough diagnosis for a patient’s pain, we focus on identifying and treating the source of your ailments and not just the symptoms. While individual symptom treatment, like pain management, are important to manage, our chiropractic treatments are designed to address the overall problem for permanent change.

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As a trusted chiropractic provider, our mission is to deliver expert and truthful care for your injuries.

When it comes to your spinal health, we know only the finest of injury chiropractic services will do. That’s why we only hire the best! Our clinics have the most experienced Tampa Florida Auto Accident Doctors medical expertschiropractorsmassage therapists, and Physiotherapy professionals.

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