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Between medical care and lost wages, car accident injuries cost more than $75 billion in 2017. In other words, it requires much money to recover from a vehicle crash.

To add insult to injury, not only is car accident recovery expensive, but sometimes it’s not very useful. Some people struggle to make a full recovery and have to deal with chronic pain. 

The good news is, chiropractic care can improve your mobility and relieve pain without using prescription drugs. Read on to learn what a chiropractor can do to treat your auto accident injury.

X-rays or MRIs

Even if you walked away from a car accident, you could still have some undiagnosed injuries. That’s why some chiropractors will take an X-ray or MRI before they start treatment.

Whether or not your chiropractor takes an X-ray will depend on the practitioner and the severity of your accident. Chiropractors sometimes use X-rays to help create a treatment plan. They may also use X-rays and other imaging to see how the treatment is progressing.

If you have a more severe injury like a spinal fracture, your chiropractor will adjust your treatment plan. He or she might even refer you to an orthopedic physician. 

Chiropractic Adjustments

The force of a car accident can knock the musculoskeletal system out of alignment. These alignment problems are called spinal or vertebral subluxations. They’re not as severe as dislocation, but these slight imbalances can cause much pain. 

The most common way to fix spinal subluxation is through chiropractic adjustments. For this treatment, the chiropractor uses his or her hands to realign your spine. It’s also called manual thrust manipulation.

It’s normal to hear a pop or crunch sound as your spine shifts back into alignment. You might even feel pain relief right away. 

Myofascial Release and Active Release Therapy (ART)

While adjustments address the alignment of your skeletal system, myofascial release and Active Release Therapy focus on your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.

Myofascial release is a type of therapy that focuses on the fascia, the body’s system of flexible connective tissue. If you get injured, the fascia can become rigid, which can cause pain. Myofascial release is a stretching that releases tension in the fascia. 

Your chiropractor might also use Active Release Therapy (ART) as part of your treatment plan. In this type of therapy, the chiropractor will examine pain points throughout your body and look for tension or restriction. Then, they will use their hands to apply direct pressure, which helps release stress. 

Start Chiropractic Treatment for Your Auto Accident Injury Today

Recovering from an auto accident injury can be a long and painful process. But it doesn’t have to be.

Regular chiropractic treatments can help relieve pain and make you heal faster. They can also help you regain your strength, range of motion, and mobility. Plus, chiropractic treatments fix the source of your pain, so you don’t have to rely on prescription drugs. 

At Swann Medical, our highly trained and experienced staff is ready to relieve you of all pain so that you live a healthy life once again. Our chiropractic care ensures you gain control of your back pain and overall health. Our services include in-depth spinal diagnosis, nonsurgical treatment, primary chiropractic care, auto injury rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and more. We leverage our extensive tools and knowledge to relieve your pain and cure dozens of ailments. Contact us today for the best auto accident injury treatment and other services.
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